Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 1

On the role of structural-kinematic identification of tectonic disruptive faults in formation of the ideas on the structure and geodynamics of the Crimean region

© Wolfman Yu.M., Gintov O.B., Ostanin A.M., Kolesnikova E.Ya., Murovskaya A.V.

As a result of analysis of kinematic characteristics of immense number of disruptive faults of the Crimean Peninsula it has been shown that the majority (more than 50%) of disruption planes here are the surfaces of shifts, faulting- or thrust-shifts, while the number of faults and overthrusts does not exceed 16%. It has been concluded that orthodox interpretation of the history of tectonic development of the Mountain Crimea from the viewpoint of actualistic geodynamics and the model of zones of formation the earthquakes based on it has to be reconsidered in the direction of complexing of non-standard rupture-blocky and collision models. It has been found by the examples of tectonophysical study of the gully Mramornaya, geological-structural and morphometric studies of the Belbek and Kachinsk zones of faults that all these well known structures are properly the shifts of large scale, which determine, together with analogous structures and conjugate with them the main features of tectonophysical development of the Crimean Peninsula.

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