Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 1

To the problems of propagation of disturbances in geological media: brief review of actual sources and constructional considerations

© Bogdanov Yu.A.

The article is dedicated to the analysis of processes connected with propagation of disturbances in the rock mass initiated by effects of mechanical origin (shearing of faults, earthquakes et al.). Elaboration of concepts on the mechanism of passing the signal, which appears under conditions of high damping ability of geological media has been considered. The following aspects have been considered in this case: destruction of material in quasi-brittle setting and with more realistic description of its structure; the study of waves in case of development of damages and special features of their localization; interconnection between mechanical and electric phenomena in the earth; and at last, constructional analogues of the studied phenomenon, related to the nature of soliton, nonlinear spin and polarytone waves. It has been found that the mechanism of remote propagation of disturbances of wave character (comparatively "weak" ones) acts by the type of nonlinear parametric excitation and is caused by adaptive compensation of damping by replenishment with energy, produced by initial stresses and magnetic field of the earth.

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