Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 2

Impulse electromagnetic emission of lithosphere: disputable problems of the theory and field experiment

© V.N. Shuman, Yu.A. Bogdanov

Nonlinear equation of generation of electromagnetic disturbances of the type reaction - diffusion in excitable geo-medium (the system of lithosphere blocks, divided by weakened transitional zones), which possesses in a general case spatially localized stationary and complicatedly moving solutions generalizing well known linear equation of generation of Gulielmi-Levshenko has been proposed in the article. The theory of "captured" waves (generalized Reley waves) - running along the zones of conjunction of lithosphere blocks of localized unbalanced areas (disturbances of three-dimensional deformation), which has experimental grounding has been accepted as an initial "mechanical component" of generation model (mechanical-electric transformations). It is being noted that on this base the main regularities can be reproduced and understood of electromagnetic disturbances registered on the earth surface and above it in principal plan, which could not find up to now satisfactory explanation of experimentators, in particular, narrow localized character of emission hits of considered radiowave interval in the area and "super-remote" propagation on the distances much exceeding the thickness of skin-layer on corresponding frequencies and tracks of propagation in geo-medium.

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