Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 2

Polarization filtering of surface waves-noises on multicomponent seismic records. Review of methods

© Yu.K. Tyapkin, E.Yu. Tyapkina

The use of multicomponent data acquisition enhances the potentialities of seismic data processing and interpretation due to involving information on the polarization of recorded waves. This, however, excludes any possibility to group receivers and sources in the field, and the process of suppressing surface waves, among which Relay waves are predominant, is moved to the processing stage. Here such a function is charged with the so-called polarization filters, which, besides the conventional difference in spectral properties and apparent velocities, exploit the cardinal difference in polarization between body waves and ground roll. This paper focuses on the analysis of some properties of ground roll and on various approaches to polarization filtering.

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