Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 2

Monitoring of radon concentration for the search of precursor effects from expected earthquakes in the area of Vrancea mountains

© A.I. Lyashchuk, V.N. Pavlovich, V.D. Rusov

The possible mechanisms of formation of radon anomalies are considered, their connection with volcanic and seismic activity. The measuring data analysis is conducted, got by the radiometer of radon of PPA-01M-03 in an observation post "Kamenets-Podolsky". It is shown that the prolonged lowering of concentration of radon can be related to preparation of seismic event in the region of mountains of Vranchea. Thus duration of such lowering depends on magnitude of preparing earthquake and shows for magnitudes up to 5 and higher. The account of meteorological information allows to improve quality of possible prognosis.

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