Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 2

"Living" truth about "alive" water

© V.M. Shchepak

As a result of studies the idea of many modern investigators and folk healers about presence in nature of different factors, which lead to the same therapeutic effect - high biologic activity and wide spectrum of curative properties of different kinds of "alive" waters has been refuted. It has been found for the first time on the base of new facts that the cause of high biologic activity of all kinds of "alive" waters known presently is really the same - unusual electron-donor physical condition of these waters caused by negative value of their oxidation-reduction potential (ORP, Eh, redox potential). "Alive" waters differ only by physical-chemical mechanisms, which determine their electron-donor property. New level of our knowledge has been shown by example of kinds of "alive" waters considered in the article about very important energetic and curative-prophylactic role of free electrons infused to human organism by "alive" water, - all the records of mass longevity and perfect health are noted only in those regions of our planet where people use highly saturated by free electrons "alive" water systematically.

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