Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 2

Correlation of signal information of SLW- and GPS-receivers before the Rumanian earthquake of 14.05.2005

© A.P. Slivinskiy, F.I. Bushuyev, N.A. Kaliuzhnyi, A.V. Shulga

Within time interval preceding the Rumanian earthquake on 14.05.2005 with magnitude 5,2 intensity correlation coefficients estimations have been obtained for midday disturbances of signals amplitude of super-long-wave (SLW) radio station of exact time and frequency DCF-77 (Germany), which are received in NAO with disturbances of complete electron content of ionosphere according to the data of 25 permanent GPS stations situated in Eurasian region. The amplitude of signals DCF-77 has been registered for 24 hours in N since April 2002 and is depicted as three days graphs on the site Twenty four hours before the earthquake for the most of GPS stations located less than 500 km from the radio line DCF-77 - Nikolayev high negative correlation was observed for analyzed disturbances as a result of increase of total electron content with synchronous decrease of amplitude of SLW signal, which is specific for ionosphere precursor of earthquakes. Absolute value of corresponding correlation coefficients was more than 0,7. In the other days of the considered time interval high values of correlation coefficients for GPS stations from 500 km zone along radio line did not coincide with minimal values of SLW signal amplitude and during the magnetic disturbance (08.05.2005) and on the peak of solar activity (11.05.2005) correlation coefficients for adjacent GPS stations were with different signs and less than 0,5 by module.

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