Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 3

Display effects of ionosphere perturbations above the preparation centers of Romanian earthquakes

© Slivinsky A.P., Bushuev F.I., Kalyuzhny N.A., Shulga A.V.

Correlation of amplitude decrease of signals of SLW transmitters in registration point of RI NAO with the increase of total electron contents according to measurements of Eurasian permanent GPS stations in days previous to strong Romanian earthquakes of 2004 and 2005 has been found. The correlation fields with negative coefficients of correlation, smaller than ~0.7, that were detected before these earthquakes are related to their ionosphere precursors. Abnormal displacements of the times of passage of SLW radio lines by morning terminator are confirmed in days previous to the earthquakes. Results of researches on detection before earthquakes of acoustic gravity waves with the fluctuation period range 20-30 minutes are confirmed. Before the earthquake the intensive noises of a pulse electromagnetic field (PEMF) type are detected in the signal amplitude structure of the transmitter DCF-77 and in the conditions of absence of industrial noises and lightning activity.

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