Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 3

On the nature of the "West Tarkhankutian anomaly" of the northwestern shelf of the Black Sea

© Cheban V.D.

The problems of authenticity of mapping of depression to the west of the Tarkhankut peninsula from the point of view of geological, geophysical and geodetic methods are examined. On the basis of the newest regional seismic data 2D in the Ukrainian sector of the Black sea and results of the deep drilling within the limits of the Shmydt's gas and condensate deposit is proved that "West Tarkhankutian anomaly", does not exist as an impact geological structure. The reasons of appearance "The West Tarkhankutian anomaly" are related to absence of hydrographical echolocation materials on this area of the Black sea at the moment of the data processing of satellite gravimetry.

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