Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 3

Intensity of shakings in the different areas of Kiev during the carpathian earthquake on the May 30, 1990

© Kutas V.V., Omelchenko V.D.

The data on intensity of shakings in Kiev during the strongest carpathian earthquakes of the Vrancea region which happened in the 19th-20th centuries have been given. The facts from inquiry forms, which make a base for the scheme of the carpathian earthquake on the May 30th in 260 sites of the city have been represented. The analysis of differences in the level of shakings of buildings depending on a set of factors - location (near the bays and channels of the Dnieper, the Radunka lake and other bodies of water), the term of exploitation, number of the storeys and longitude of the building as well as of the material of their construction has been conducted. It has been noted that during the earthquake of the May 30th 1990 seismic activity in some areas of Kiev exceded 4 earthquake magnitude. Probability of exceeding the intensity to 5 earthquake magnitude is not excluded in the local sites of the city during the strongest seismic events of the Vrancea area (=7,3/7,4) the magnitude of the earthquake of the May 30th 1990 is considerably lower (=6,8).

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