Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 3

Studies of the Smelyanskaya and Subbotsko-Mashorinskaya zones along the seismic profile Kanev-Nikolaev

© Logvinov I.M., Gordienko V.V., Gordienko I.V.

On the basis of the analysis of DMTS data in 7 items of authors and 16 MTS items of the industrial organizations interpretation curves are plotted by results of one-dimensional inversion of which geoelectric model of the earth's crust and the upper mantle along a cross-section Kanev - Nikolaev for the first time is constructed. The conductive layer lying from the bottom parts of the crust up to 60-80 km is allocated. In about sp130-150 (correlated with Subbotsk-Moshorinsk fault zone) the thikness of the poorly conductive layer of the earth's crust increases are marked, and at the depths from 45 up to 120 km the abnormal condictive object is shown. In a cross-section of the Novoukrainsky massif, except for the top, one more conductive layer at the depths more than 100 km is allocated. Presence of conductive object can specify a zone of modern activization that proves to be true also by geological and other geophysical data.

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