Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 ¹3

On convergence of iterative processes in case of solving inverse problems of geophysics in criterial formulation

© Petrovskiy A.P., Fedchenko T.A., Suyatinov V.N., Gablyovskiy B.B.

The study of geological structure is fulfilled by means of application of mathematical methods for determination of geophysical characteristics of spatial 3D geological-geophysical models of inverse problems of geophysics in criterial formulation. The basis of numerical procedures for solving these inverse problems are iterative processes. One of the important elements of these processes is relaxation parameter, which is responsible for the velocity of their convergence. In addition to existing analytical computation new method of numerical refinement of relaxation parameter was proposed. This new modified method allows to consider specific features of geological problem and geological model of the medium. Efficiency of the method is illustrated by the results of 3D gravity model of South-Bushtino and the Solotvino structurås of Transcarpathian depression.

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