Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 3

Effect of periodoc change of water level in storage pool of the Inguri on regional seismic activity

© Chelidze T.L., Matcharashvili T.N., Javakhishvili Z.Sh., Abashidze V.G., Khutsishvili T.G., Meparidze E.V., Zhukova N.N.

Described assumptions are based on the analysis of the water level variation data sets of Inguri high dam reservoir and the seismic data sets recorded by special local network. As a model of natural seismicity we also analysed laboratory acoustic emission data obtained during stick-slip experiments with superimposed weak periodic disturbances. Statistical, linear, nonlinear and phase synchronization analysis methods (method of recurrent quantitative analysis RQA and method of phase synchronization analysis) have been applied to field and laboratory data in order to obtain quantitative evaluation of synchronization strength.

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