Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 4

Three-dimensional magnetic model of Zeleniy Gay area promising for diamonds

© M.I. Orliuk, M.I. Bakarjieva

Results of numerical 3D modeling of Zeleniy Gay structure of the Ingul megablock of the Ush promising for diamonds are given. Geomagnetic field of the scale 1:10000-1:50000 have been used for plotting the model as well as a-priori geological-geophysical information. The model of Zeleniy Gay structure has been worked out, which is close by its geometry and the value of magnetization to theoretical model of kimberlite pipe. In its upper part Zeleniy Gay ring structure is 500x500 m, with wedging out at the depth 1000 m, the value of magnetic susceptibility in this case varies from 35x10-5 to 268x10-5 un. SI.

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