Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 4

Combined petrophysical study of some sedimentary rocks of the Donbass under different conditions of laboratory experiments

© V.P. Kobolev, V.A. Korchin, P.A. Burtniy, E.E. Karnaukhova, M.V. Kravchuk, I.N. Svishchuk, A.S. Nekh

A broad set of petrophysical studies of rocks has been fulfilled for the first time: lithological, structural, fabric character have been determined, their porosity, water saturation, density, elastic, electric and thermal-physical parameters have been measured. The rocks are anisotropic by their physical parameters that is mainly caused by their structural-textural features. Profound differentiation of rocks has been elucidated by their physical character and lithological features (mineral composition, fabric, structure, grain size of rockforming minerals). The values of elastic, electric and thermal-physical parameters of sandstones depend on the degree of their saturation with water. According to the mentioned petrophysical parameters differentiation of rocks is observed depending on the place of sampling (a regional indication). Regional and lithological features of rocks are displayed in the behavior of their elastic features in cases of axial loading as well. Differentiation of physical parameters of sandstones (elastic, density, electric and thermal-physical) found out on litological features, water saturation, as well as the place of sampling and geology-tectonic features of the studied districts can be used for interpretation of materials of geology-tectonic researches of the areas of location of new mines and at the estimation of ecological situation of specific areas of Donbas.

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