Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 4

Bending asymmetric folds of marginal troughs according to the data of numerical experiment

© V.V. Gonchar

An approach is proposed on a baze of mechanics of longitudinal-transversal bend, which allows to reproduce the main features of asymmetric bending folds, which are displayed within foredeeps as the members of fold-and-thrust paragenesis. The models elucidate initial stages of folded deformation during production of thrusts. The structure of folded-thrust flakes, dynamics of forms alteration connected with displacements of the basement have been studied with its help. The possibilities have been shown for calculations of strains and for obtaining on its base the distribution of zones of elastic and faulty-plastic deformation inside the folded flake. Considerable place has been given to methodic procedures of calculating the curves of longitudinal-transversal bending and the strained state based on elliptical integrals. The approach stress can be considered as an addition and sometimes as an alternative to the existed methods of simulation of folding based on kinematic approach and mechanisms of plastic deformation.

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