Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 5

Instrumental seismic observations in the Crimea last for 80 years: history, results and prospects

© Kulchitskiy V. E., Pustovitenko B.G.

The history of formation and development of a regional network of seismic stations in the Crimea is considered. Depending on development stages the efficiency of a network and the area of representative data of registered earthquakes varied. At the present stage the network is capable to supervise without omission a stream of seismic events at the level >10 in all the Crimean-Black Sea region and >8 - in the central zone near the coast of the Crimea. The results of 80-year-long seismic monitoring were new conceptions about seismicity of the region and the degree of seismic danger of the Crimea.

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