Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 5

The history of instrumental seismic observations in Northern Caucasus (a scetch)

© Gabsatarova I.P., Malovichko A.A., Starovoyt O.E.

A review of the history of development of seismic instrumental observations in Northern Caucasus is given. Seven periods of observation are allocated and described. Reflection of these periods in the regional catalogue in values representative magnitudes and an inclination of the schedule of repeatability of registered earthquakes is marked. For the period of a century of observation the level of representative magnitudes has changed from M=5 up to M=2 in a greater part of the territory of Northern Caucasus. The location and equipment of stations are described, special attention is given to the history of the oldest stations "Pyatigorsk", "Sochi", "Anapa". Interrelations between the Crimean and North-Caucasian network in all the periods of observation are emphasized.

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