Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 5

On the effect of kinematic conditions on the cyclic character of geologic processes within the limits of the Crimea and Northern Pre-Black Sea area during the Alpine stage

© Volfman Yu.M.

The analysis of features of spatial distribution of different-age platform lithologic-and-stratigraphic complexes of Flat Crimea and near Black Sea slope of the East-European platform allowed to set the recurrence of fluctuating tectonic motions of the earth's crust of the region during the Alpine tectonic stage, getting a reflection in the change of structure composition of deposits and in the features of orientations of consediment structures. Comparison of findings with the results of tectonophysics study of terms of tectonic rupture-formation within the limits of Mountain Crimea shows that the recurrence of fluctuating motions of the earth's crust is conditioned alternation of situations of tangential submeridional compression-tension in a region.

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