Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 6

Subbotsko-Moshorinsky stage of the Earth's crust deformation of the Ukrainian Shield

© O.B. Gintov, M.I. Orlyuk, S.V. Mychak, M.I. Bakarzhieva, L.V. Farfulyak

An internal structure, geological-geophysical peculiarities and dynamics of the Subbotsko-Moshorinska zone of the faults of the Ukrainian shield, being, due to its study, a tectonotype of the latitudinal system of the Precambrian faults of the East-European platform, have been examined in the article. Seven phases of the zone development have been established. They were located at the end of Paleo- the beginning of Mesoproterozoic as the right shift at the additional stretching. The phase location (initial) is named by the Subbotsko-Moshorinsky stage of the fault formation (deformation of the earth's crust) of the Ukrainian shield. The formation of the latitudinal system of the faults zones had a visible effect on the redistribution of ore matter in the crust of the shield and the formation of deposits of hydrothermal-metasomatic genesis.

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