Geophysical Journal | 2008 volume 30 6

Causal mechanics of Kozyrev and its geophysical effects

© I.I. Rokityanskiy

The main statements of N. A. Kozyrev causal mechanics have been considered. It has been proposed to consider the constant of causal mechanics - course of time c2 be equal to velocity of absolute movement of Earth, produced by superposition of cosmologic rotations. This velocity is reliably determined by the dipole component of cosmic background radiation and equals to 360 km/sec. Measurements of causal forces made earlier have been analysed and on their base distribution of causal force in the Earth has been calculated according to improved Kozyrev's causal mechanics formula. This distribution explains quanlitatively the observed N-S asymmetry of the Earth's figure: low Arctic, high Antarctica, predominance of continents in the middle latitudes of the Northern hemisphere, predominance of oceans in the Southern hemisphere. The figure of rotating bodies is formed by superposition of gravity, centrifugal and asymmetric causal forces, the last one being (1/5) 10-5 of gravity force on the Earth's surface. In the liquid core causal forces may produce the system of eddy motions essential for magnetic field generation.

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