Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 1

A system of collecting, processing and analysis of seismic data for Carpathian region

© Verbitskiy S.T., Stetskiv O.T., Verbitskiy Yu.T, Rozhok N.I., Stasiuk A.F., Pronyshyn R.S.

Based on the example of the seismic network of Carpathian region the possibility is shown of designing the united system of collection, analysis and data processing, on the base of program complex Earthworm. The possibility of semiautomatic collection of seismic data is provided. For the access of users to the base of seismic data program-interface is developed, which allows creation and modification of data, their filtration of the accordingly selected parameters, and import from other data bases and export into the external systems of processing. The subsequent analysis of the chosen seismic event is described with the aid of the package of the Matseis analysis.

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