Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 1

Interpretation of 3D seismic exploration data applying finite-difference kinematic migration

© Pilipenko V.N., Verpakhovskaya A.O., Kekukh D.A.

Modern seismic exploration studies aimed at reconnaissance, prospecting and monitoring of hydrocarbons deposits are charactirized by changeover to the areal systems of observations that demands, in its turn, elaboration of new and emprovement of existing methods of processing and interpretation of three-dimensional seismic data. Methods of interpretation of areal seismic observations applying 3D finite-difference kinematic migration are considered in the paper. This method allows to determine the contours of reflecting boundaries on the study area that is important for the search and prospecting of natural resources. Efficiency and possibilities of proposed method is illustrated by simulated and practical examples.

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