Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 1

Three-dimensional geoelectric model of the Earth's crust and the upper mantle of the western part of the Ukrainian Shield and its slopes

© Burakhovich T.K., Kulik S.N.

Analysis of magnetotelluric and magnetovariational data obtained in the western part of Ukraine allowed to construct three-dimentional model of distribution of resistivity within the interior of the Earth's crust and the upper mantle. The areas of anomalously high electroconductivity in the Earth's crust have been found: the Volynian (with specific resistance ρ=10 Ohm m within the interval of depths), the Korostenian (ρ=30 Ohm m, h=15÷30 km), Chernovitsko-Korostenian (ρ=5÷20 Ohm m, h=15÷30 km), Talnovian (ρ=30 Ohm m, h=15÷30 km). Within the upper mantle in the interval of depths 70-120 km of the northwestern part of the Ush and in the south of the Volyno-Podolian plate the layer of high electroconductivity with ρ=20 Ohm m possibly exists. It is not unlikely that the nature of anomalously of high electroconductivity is related to fluidization and graphitization of the thick pile of rocks of the upper mantle.

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