Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 1

Tectonic structures of the Western Antarctica and their reflections in potential geophysical fields: a review

© Bakhmutov V.G., Yegorova T.P.

The paper represents the evolution of Western Antarctic according to new geological and geophysical data and contemporary conceptions on geodynamics. The results of activity of main tectonic processes and related sediment accumulation processes are reflected in the sea floor morphology. The structure of the sea floor clearly shows rift zones, which develop the whole systems related with the upwelling of mantle substance within the zones of stretching of lithosphere plates. We also consider briefly the major stages of evolution of Antarctic Plate, Bransfield rift zone, South-Shetland trench and other structures in accordance with updated tectonic schemes based on plate tectonic concept. The specific features of their structure are reflected in geophysical fields - wave, gravity and magnetic fields. Their recent joint interpretation gives us new information for better understanding the evolution of West Antarctica region and in particular its major tectonic units.

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