Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 2

Correction of seismic traces gain. Seismic exploration 3D

© V.A. Dyadyura, V.B. Budkevich

It is necessary to solve the following problems for the gain correction of all traces of three-dimensional seismic observations: determinations of the general gain and function of amplitude reduction for every trace; calculations of gain recovering function of trace; determinations of function of dependence of correcting multipliers from the coordinates of shot points, of receive points, CDP, and offsets; calculations of new traces Uj(T)=UjFj(T), at which a minimum of mean-square functional on the incurrence of traces is provided. It is known that this nonlinear task is reduced to linear one taking the logarithm and is easily solved by the least-squares method. However, the matrix of normal equations system is degenerate and its solution always converges on the Seidel's method, but results in the receipt of unpredictable particular solution in which permanent and linear components can take on arbitrary values. It is therefore necessary to introduce some additional conditions which are logically grounded and examined in the paper.

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