Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 2

Presence of oil-and-gas in the central part of the Yugorian dome

© V.I. Isayev, G.A. Lobova, M.E. Royak, A.N. Fomin

Paleotemperature simulation and paleotectonic reconstructions of Mesozoic sedimentary section of the Verkhne-Lyaminsk swell situated in the central part of the Yugorian dome (West Siberia) have been performed. Considerable effect of secular temperature course of the earth's surface for past 142 Myr upon thermal regime of potential oil-sourse bed has been detected. Paleo-centers of oil generation within tutleim (bazhenov) and sherkala suites have been distinguished according to geothermal criterion. Paleo-areas of oil gathering and zones of Jurassic oils accumulation of the Verkhne-Lyaminsk swell have been identified. The centers are differentiated according to intensity and temporal interval of action, accumulation zones according to the size of oil gathering areas, localizing the predictable resources of hydrocarbons. The obtained integral characteristics of zones of Jurassic oils localization are in accordance with the results of testing for 37 drilled holes. The ranking of six exploratory wells and seven exploration areas of deep-hole drilling have been fulfilled. Two zones of Jurassic oils accumulation have been recommended as new explorational areas for stratigraphic and lithologic traps in the band of pitching-out of sherkala suite. Modeling consists in solution of direct and inverse problems of geothermy under sedimentation conditions being a valuable instrument in comprehensive oil-geological interpretation of the broad spectrum of geological-geophysical data.

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