Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 2

Three-dimensional P-velocity model of the upper mantle of Indo-China and its surroundings

© Zayets L.N., Tsvetkova T.A., Bugayenko I.V., Shumlyanskaya L.A.

The work is devoted to analysis of the plotted three-dimensional velocity model of the mantle of Indo-China and its surroundings by the method of seismic tomography using eiconal Taylor approximation and wave equation developed by V.S. Geyko. The results are represented as horizontal and vertical sections. The mantle velocity structures of the Indo-China region and its surrounding which suffer the direct effect of velocity structures of Indo-Australian plate from the west and the south and the influence of the structures of the South-Chinese platform from the northeast are given in details. Up to the depth of 75-100 km there is subdivision into the central high-velocity lithosphere block (including the blocks of central and eastern part of South Chinese Sea, South China, the north of Indo-Chinese block), the setting by low-velocity structures, and high-velocity lithosphere of the Indo-Australian plate.

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