Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 2

Native-metallic micro- and nano-inclusions in formations of oil and gas-bearing basins as tracers of superdeep fluids

© A.E. Lukin

In the light of the plume-tectonics conception, having assumed a significance of new paradigm of the Earth's sciences in XXI century, the revision of the role of superdeep fluids in petroleum and ore genesis must be made. From this viewpoint prigozhinites (policomponent mineral aggregates connected with superdeep fluids intrusion into Lithosphere including its upper layers) are of special interest. They are characterized by a number of special mineralogical and geochemical peculiarities. Dispersed particles of native metals (intermetallic compounds, natural alloys and also carbides, nitrides, silicides unusual for the Earth crust rocks and fluids are established within different petroliferous reservoirs. Among them one ought to mention inclusions of metallic particles with the structures of solid-phases decay (Widmanstatten and other structures) and eutectic structures are established. They can be treated as the direct evidence of superdeep fluids migration. It allows to make a principally new step forward in the investigation of those superdeep geospheres matter composition using direct but not only circumstantial evidence. It would be of decisive importance in the elucidation of the role of superdeep fluids in the petroleum genesis and estimation of true hydrocarbons potentials of the Earth's interiors.

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