Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 2

The third and the fourth stages of strains reconstruction in the method of cataclastic analysis of shift ruptures

© Yu.L. Rebetskiy

Development of the cataclastic analysis method of totality of cleavage rupture for possibility of finding complete components of tensor of natural strains and valuation of parameters of effective durability of the rock massif. The first two stages of this method, which allow to find relative values of deviator and effective isotropic strains rest upon seismologic data on the mechanisms of earthquake centers and upon regularities found from the experiments on destruction of rock samples. Additional possibility on detection the averaged adhesive strength of rocks, absolute values of strains and subdivision of effective isotropic strains into tectonic uniform pressure in rocks and fluid one within fractured-porous space appears after involving as an additional ones seismologic data on the value of dissipated strains within the center of the largest earthquake in the region under studies and after application of the balance equation for the forth impulse in the vertical direction, recorded in approximation of the theory of depressed shells. Algorithm of calculation of these parameters is formulated within the limits of the third and fourth stages of the considered method.

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