Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 3

Energetics of magnetosphere and ionosphere during exceedingly great magnetic storms of 2003

© Sumaruk T.P., Sumaruk P.V.

The results of the dissipate values of the solar wind energy in the ionosphere and magnetosphere calculated by means of magnetic field variations at the middle latitude observatories for 2003 are presented. About 84% of the energy dissipates in the magnetospheric ring current and currents in the magnetospheric tail. Only 16% of the energy dissipates in the ionosphere. The ionospheric dissipate values by means of the joule heating (Uj) and precipitation into auroral ionosphere (Ua) change with the magnetic activity changes. In the quiet conditions Ua is much more than Uj. In the disturbed conditions Ua is almost equal Uj.

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