Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 ╣3

Analysis of the effectiveness of application of identification criteria for explosions and earthquakes for local and regional events under conditions of the platform part of Ukraine

© Andrushchenko Yu.A., Gordienko Yu.A.

The necessity of seismic monitoring of platform regions of Ukraine is grounded in this article with the purpose of complex study of dynamics of tectonic processes. The list of the seismic events of natural origin, registered by the local seismic network, located on the territory of the Zhitomir area in the populated centers Pidlubi, Zelenica and Kameny Brod and ┬orsovka, is represented. The most widespread criteria of authentication of explosions and earthquakes are considered. The analysis of efficiency of the use of criteria of authentication is conducted in the conditions of the platform part of Ukraine. A conclusion has been done, that the presence of sufficient network of seismic stations equipped by modern apparatuses as well as complex use of the considered criteria and the newest methods of exposure and authentication of the seismic phenomena, is the necessary condition of recognition of earthquakes and explosions.

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