Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 3

Deep structure of the northeastern part of the Koryaksko-Kamchatskaya folded area according to the data of regional geophysical studies

© Nurmukhamedov A.G., Moroz Yu.F.

The results of geological-tectonic interpretation of deep geophysical studies conducted in the area of the Kamchatka isthmus and of Kamchatka continental region are under consideration. In connection with catastrophic Olyutorian earthquake, which happened in April 2006, the region of jointing of the Central-Koryakian and Olyutorian structural- formational zones is worth being paid greater attention. Broad analysis of all the totality of geological-geophysical information collected during all the previous years for this region has been made. But as a basis for key conclusions the results of magnetotelluric sounding (MTS) have been taken.

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