Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 3

Variations of seismoelectromagnetic background of the Earth and seismic activity

© Bogdanov Yu.A., Kobolev V.P., Shuman V.N.

A problem of comprehensive studies of variations of seismic, seismo-acoustic and radiowave emission of lithosphere is explored with the aim of seismic activity prediction. On the base of contemporary ideas of active geophysical medium as a block-hierarchic structure mechanisms of transformation of motion energy of rocks into energy of transient magnetic field are being discussed. It is mentioned that the presence of radiowave background by itself, registered on the earth surface is the reflection and indicator of nonlinearity of mechanoelectromagnetic transformations in lithosphere - distributed excitable medium and the main process, which occurs in this medium, is the process of its self-organization. Possible directions of complex experimental studies of seismoelectromagnetic disturbances aimed at diagnostics of geodynamic processes are being discussed.

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