Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 4

New approach to simulation and inversion of the electromagnetic logging data in thin-layered collectors

© V.N. Glinskikh, M.I. Epov

An approach for description of the spatial electrical conductivity distribution by continuo-us functions has been proposed. Based on this approach, the algorithm of approximated two-dimensional numerical simulation of electromagnetic logs acquired in media characterized by inter-stratification of thin sandy and argillaceous beds has been developed. The comparative analysis of synthetic electromagnetic logs has been performed when describing the vertical electrical conductivity distribution by piecewise constant and continuous periodic functions. It has been shown that applying continuous functions allows one to reveal signals with the relative error less than 5%. For more accurate approximation of piecewise constant function by continuous one, the averaged electrical conductivity of a thin-bedded medium is proposed to be taken into account. The algorithm of the decision of inverse problem high-frequency electromagnetic logs in thin-layered collectors with use of continuous functions has been developed. The algorithm defines average values of thickness and electrical conductivity. Numerical experiments by definition of the average parameters of a thinly bedded collector are executed with synthetic data.

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