Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 4

Taking into account biaxial anisotropy of conductivity in geoelectromagnetic soundings

© V.S. Mogilatov

First preliminary results of mathematical simulation of alternating electromagnetic field in one-dimensional layered medium with biaxial anisotropy of conductivity with arbitrary direction of horizontal conductivities in each layer are given. In applied studies for electromagnetic logging and electrical prospecting the medium is suggested to be as a rule either isotropic or with ordinary anisotropy of conductivity. Meanwhile there are lots of indications that the medium may possess in addition even biaxial anisotropy, i. e. resistivities are different by all three directions - X, Y, Z. Theoretical solution and algorithm are in this case considerably specific and numerical realization is connected with some problems. The programs have been created for calculation of electromagnetic fields in frequency and temporal areas and interesting results have been obtained from geo-electrical viewpoint. For example, the appearance of vertical electric component of the field in case of excitation of horizontally layered section by vertical magnetic dipole.

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