Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 4

Impulse inductive electrical prospecting of polarizable media

© N.O. Kozhevnikov, E.Yu. Antonov

The paper discusses the results of a numerical experiment carried out with the aim to simulate time-domain response of an ungrounded loop to polarizable homo-geneous half-space and two-layered media. It has been shown that the strongest induced polarization effect on the TEM response occurs when a polarizable conductive layer is underlain by a resistive basement. Previously the effect of induced polarization on the TEM response was considered as nothing but a geological noise interfering with recovery of a "normal", ohmic conductivity. However as computer programs for inversion of TEM data in terms of polarizable media have become available the induced polarization effect on the TEM response is gaining in importance in its own. This is illustrated by inversion of the TEM data measured over one of the kimberlite fields in Yakutiya.

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