Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 ¹5

Studies of horizontally-heterogeneous media by electromagnetic methods

© Kuznetsov A.N.

Based on generalization of physical simulation data of FS and ES which has been performed by the author during the years, the answer is given for lots of questions that form physical-geological bases of electromagnetic methods applying artificial controlled source of field in horizontally-heterogeneous media. "Distortions" have been considered (i.e. differences of the curves ρo and ρx from theoretical ones in horizontally homogeneous medium) in the model horizontally heterogeneous media which include inclined and vertical geo-electric boundaries. Estimation is given of the effectiveness of applying different types of appliances and different components of electromagnetic field in geological survey activity. Analysis has been performed of possibilities of revealing and studies of local three-dimensional heterogeneities in case of their location near the surface and at the depths comparable with their dimensions. The features of similarity and difference in distribution of anomalous electromagnetic field in horizontally heterogeneous medium have been described for two methods close by their nature - FS and ES. The conclusion is made on the fact that in case of electromagnetic sounding of horizontally heterogeneous media for effective interpretation it is not enough to use single-sided appliances. The axiom for effective use of electrical prospecting in horizontally heterogeneous media is application of the systems of observation (double-sided, mutually-opposite, parallel and transversal deviñes, observations in remote and near zones, ES-ES and FS-ES). Application of different components of electromagnetic field for interpretation allows augmentation of the accuracy and reliability of the results.

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