Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 5

3D magnetic model of the Earth's crust of the Azov-Black Sea region

© Orliuk M.I., Pashkevich I.K., Lebed T.V.

The 3D magnetic model of the Earth's crust for territory of the Azov-Black Sea region is developed. On the basis of the analysis of the anomalous magnetic field (Δ), its regional (Δ)a,reg, and local (Δ)a,loc. components, and also developed 3D magnetic model new information concerning deep structure of the Earth's crust and forecasting of the oil an gas bearing has been received. Magnetic sources of a regional class are situated at the depths of 10-40 km and they well conform with structural and tectonic elements of the Azov-Black Sea region. High values of magnetization of the crust characterise a rank part of the East European Platform, Indol-Kuban riftogenic trough, Shatsky and East Black Sea riftogenic structures. Low-magnetic and practically nonmagnetic Earth's crust is characteristic for the Scythian Plate, the Crimea-Caucasian zone of folds and the Central-Black Sea raising.

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