Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 6

Method of identification of seismic sources nature based on spectral-temporal analysis of vibrations

© Yu.A. Andrushchenko, Yu.A. Gordienko

The task of operative and timely notification about seismic events which carry a danger for population and industrial objects requires creation of a method of automatic signal processing with the purpose of conducting quick and exact authentication of nature of the seismic phenomenon. Thus, there is a necessity of creating a method, which would allow carrying out authentication of nature of the seismic phenomena in the automatic mode in case of presence of minimal number of the stations which a seismic event was registered on. As the basis of such a method it is decided to put the differences in the change of amplitudes of by-pass signals from earthquakes and explosions depending on frequency. This method consists in linear filtration of entrance signal by the set of narrow-band frequency filters and calculation of amplitudes of by-pass of the filtered signals. A method makes possible to avoid the necessity of determination of basic parameters of seismic signal and it is extraordinarily important as another criterion of authentication which can be used for the complex analysis of the registered seismic signals.

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