Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 6

Studies of temporal changes of induction vectors parameters in the Transcarpathian seismically active trough

© T.A. Klimkovich, Yu.M. Gorodyskiy, V.G. Kuznetsova, V.E. Maximchuk

Temporal changes of induction vectors in seismically active Transcarpathian trough have been investigated. Comparison of anomalous induction vectors behavior and seismic activity of Transcarpathia made possible to reveal special features of their anomalous changes depending on earthquakes epicenters localization in the vicinity. Vize vectors in Transcarpathia trough reveal the dependence on phases of solar day and season as well as on solar activity cycle. These phenomena superpose on the changes of induction vectors of geodynamic origin and therefore make more complicated revealing possible correlations between anomalous changes of induction vectors and seismic activity.

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