Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 6

To the problem of the origin of the Moon and plume-, plate-tectonic evolution of Earth's geospheres (shells)

© E.I. Terez, M.E. Gerasimov

The proposed model accounts for the Moon's formation as a result of thermo-nuclear explosion due to which an enormous land mass of the Earth was torn away. According to the model there is a good agreement of physical and chemical parameter data. On the other hand, the model corresponds to the modern idea of dynamic features of geological structure of the Earth which presupposes presence of powerful source of energy in the Earth's core that might have been of thermo-nuclear origin. The last one is possible if the Earth's core is "hydrogenous", i. e. it consists of metallic hydrogen or iron hydrates. A variant of the Earth's Fe-Ni core with a great amount of dissolved hydrogen is also possible. Consequent quasi-thermonuclear processes have caused plume tectonics and plate tectonics at a level of different shells of the Earth.

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