Geophysical Journal | 2009 volume 31 6

Middle Cretaceous paleomagnetic poles the Antarctic Peninsula and relative motions of microplates of the West Antarctics (a review)

© M.I. Orlova

Results of paleomagnetic studies of the initial form of horizontally curved fragments of marginal-continental volcanic belt of Gondwana land - the south of the South America and the Antarctic Peninsula have been presented. Alternative paleomagnetic reconstructions of mutual location of structural blocks of the Earth's crust of continental type of the West Antarctica relatively to each other and relatively to West Antarctica in the Middle Cretaceous time have been considered. It has been shown that paleoclimatic data on the Antarctic Peninsula testify to warm climate in the Middle Cretaceous time. Middle Cretaceous paleomagnetic poles of the northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula published during the period 1962-2006 have been analysed from the viewpoint of paleotectonic rotations. As a result it has been found that in each of five considered areas of the Greyama land the Middle Cretaceous (~100 Ma) paleomagnetic poles are spread along the arc of the small circle.

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