Geophysical Journal | 2010 volume 32 1

From surface structures to integral deep model of the Kirovograd ore area (Ukrainian Shield). 1

© Starostenko V.I. , Kazanskiy V.I., Popov N.I., Drogitskaya G.M., Zayats V.B., Makivchuk O.F., Tripolskiy A.A., Chicherov M.V.

The discovery of a middle-scale mantle trough in the Kirovograd ore district under uranium, gold and lithium deposits brought a new insight into metallogeny of the district and made it necessary to trace its surface structures to the M boundary.
In this study, surface structures are described in more detales using numerous data from exploration drilling, relationships between the crustal Kirovograd-Novoukrainsk granitoid massif, mantle-related Korsun-Novomirgorod massif and M interface are discussed, surface and deep structures of uranium ore fields are correlated and vertical metasomatic and ore zonality of large uranium deposits is considered.

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