Geophysical Journal | 2010 volume 32 1

Manifestations of seismic activity in the area of electric conductivity anomaly in the western part of Priazovian megablock

© Burakhovich T.K., Kulik S.N., Kushnir A.N., Zaytsev G.N.

According to the data of magneto-telluric sounding and magneto-variation profiling a structure with high electric conductivity in the earth's crust has been revealed in the eastern part of the USh within the territory of the Priazovian mega-block. Three-dimensional deep model has been plotted comprised by two main elements: subsurface sub-longitudinal system, correlating with Azovo-Pavlograd and West-Priazovian deep faults and isometric anomaly at the depth from 2 to 10 km in the South of West-Priazovian block. The Donbas and the Priazovian electro-conducting anomalies are specific by small amount of earthquakes with magnitude less than 4 points.

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