Geophysical Journal | 2010 volume 32 1

Radon behavior during of preparation of geodynamic processes

© Utkin V.I., Yurkov A.K.

The review of researches on radonic monitoring, as is presented to a harbinger of seismic events: tectonic earthquakes and mountain impacts in deep mines. The schematic model of environment and change of volumetric activity of radon (VAR) is presented at influence of loading. On the basis of researches in mines it is shown, that behaviour VAR before event variously depending on an arrangement of measuring item. Similar results are received at interpretation of experiments on radonic monitoring in the USA and Northern Tien Shan. Nonlinearity of an output of radon depending on change of the intense condition of environment and feature of registration of a field of radon is shown. The geodynamic model is presented and expected effects in a floor of radon are considered. Results of change of a field of radon before earthquakes are resulted. It is shown, that appreciable changes in a floor of radon are observed 90-100 days prior to seismic event and characteristic for 3-5 days. It is shown as within the limits of a complex of sedimentary rocks the field of radon reacts to passage of waves of the removed earthquakes. The presented data show high reliability of indications of monitoring of radon at studying process of preparation of earthquakes

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