Geophysical Journal | 2010 volume 32 2

Fault-block model and tide trigger mechanism of a seismic process (seismic activity of the Crimea by example)

© M.M. Dovbnich, V.P. Soldatenko

Considering the fault-block model of seismic processes as a system in an unsteady state close to critical it is possible to assume the lunar-solar tides, as a "tectonic vibrator", play the role of trigger mechanism to the seismicity. Based on the complex analysis of seismic events of the Crimea and on the results of tidal stress-deformed state modeling of tectonosphere, caused by the tidal influence of the Moon and the Sun, the conclusion of tidal vibrating of essential influence as triggering mechanism of earthquake has been made. Considering lunar-solar tides as "tectonic vibrator" the interrelation analysis of geodynamic processes and of tidal stresses instantaneous values is not enough. Furthermore, it is very important to take into account the special features of the tectonic structure of region under research, for which the analysis of interrelation of geodynamic processes with the lunar-solar tides is made.

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