Geophysical Journal | 2010 volume 32 2

On the nature of anomalies of propagation velocity of longitudinal seismic waves in the upper mantle

© V.V. Gordienko

P-velocity models of the upper mantle for the regions with different endogenous regimes on the continents and oceans (Precambrian platforms, zones of young activization, Alpine geosynclines, rifts, deep basins, mid-ocean ridges, margin trenches) have been considered. Thermal models and standard composition of mantle rocks have been used corresponding to the advection-polymorphous hypothesis. Calculated models are compared with experimental ones, their concordance is demonstrated. The exceptions are the positive anomalies in the experimental data at the depths down to 150-200 km. Perhaps they are connected with the appearance of eclogites in the upper part of the mantle.

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