Geophysical Journal | 2010 volume 32 2

The nature of seismic events registered in the west of the Ukrainian Shield in 2005-2007

© Yu.A. Andrushchenko, V.V. Kutas, A.V. Kendzera, V.D. Omelchenko, Yu.A. Gordienko, I.A. Kalitova

For recognition of the nature of seismic events with epicentra located on the East-European platform within the limits of the western part of the Ukrainian Shield wave forms of seismic signals have been studied and the changes of spectral composition with time. The main distinctions have been revealed of weakly intense tectonic earthquakes and explosions produced in the open pits which are manifested in special features of distribution of spectrum density of transversal and surface waves depending on the filtration frequency according to spectrograms. In case of elaboration of criteria for identification of seismic events the records of earthquakes and explosions at the seismic stations of the Main Center of Special Control of NSA Ukraine, equipped with modern digital seismologic logistics have been used.

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