Geophysical Journal | 2010 volume 32 2

Geo-electrical parameters of the earth's crust of the western part of the Ukrainian Shield according to the data of one-dimensional inversion of magneto-telluric soundings

© I.M. Logvinov

On the basis of one-dimensional inversion of MTS curves on the most part of the Volynsk and the western part of the Podolsk mega-blocks in a "granite" layer the objects of the lowered resistance (OLR) have been selected which at the present stage of researches are difficult for uniting in a uniform conductive layer. In a transitive layer it is possible to assume the presence of a conductive horizon (with prevailing values of total longitudinal conductivity more than 100 S), in which the places with "holes" are available (i.e. areas of absence OLR). On the most part of the investigated territory the total longitudinal conductivity of rocks with thickness of about 30-35 km basically does not exceed 250 S. Correlation of the area of distribution of conductive objects with graphitic rock by areas allows assumption, that the lowered resistance in these areas is explained by graphi-tization of rocks composing both "granite" and a part of transitive layer. Active at the present stage of development lineament zones - the Ustlugsko-Malinskaya, Yavorovsko-Volchansk (comprising the northern part of the Dnipro-Labe zone) and the Mukachevo-Dnepropetrovsk - zone are accompanied by conductive objects located at various depths.

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